Instructor at Walker School of Tae Kwon Do

Mr. Bill Kennedy

Mr. Bill Kennedy is a 3rd Dan (degree) Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He has trained under Grand Master Cindy Brandt of Evergreen Total Martial Arts. Grand Master Cindy Brandt is a Triple Master, 7th Dan Tae Kwon Do, 4th Dan Hopkido, 4th Dan Kumdo.

Mr. Bill Kennedy (1st Place in photo) began practicing Tae Kwon Do in September of 2004 when he joined with one of his 3 sons as a father/son activity.  Shortly after that, his other 2 sons joined as well.  After advancing through the belt ranks, he attained 1st Degree Black Belt (called Dan in Korean) in June 2008. 

After continuing to practice Tae Kwon Do and act as assistant instructor under the former Walker instructor, an agreement was met to purchase and take over the Walker School of Tae Kwon Do.  In December 2009, Mr. Bill became the new instructor.  In June 2010, the school was moved to the Walker Area Community Center. 

At the Brandt's Association Adult Summer Camp in June 2010, Mr. Bill tested for and passed his 2nd Dan test. In March 2013, Mr. Bill tested for and passed his 3rd Dan test.

In his "spare" time, Mr. Bill works a full-time job, Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 40 in Walker, MN and coordinator of the Hackensack Children's Fishing Contest (

If you would like to contact Mr. Bill, please:
Call: (218) 838-9468

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